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Rules & Regulations

'By-Law #1 All three THA facilities fall under the Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Fishing and Recreational Harbours Act 

By-Law #2  All vessels must be seaworthy and operate under their own power

By-Law #3  No open fires, no burning of wood 


Rules and Regulations


  1. Moorage/harbour fees not paid in a timely manner will be charged at the daily rate. Please be aware it is a federal offence to leave a Small Craft Harbour with unpaid moorage fees.

  2. Parking is by permit only, illegally parked vehicles will be towed at owners expense.

  3. Loading zones, piers and wharf heads are for active loading and unloading only.

  4. Used oil recovery tanks are for vessel use only.

  5. Garbage dumpsters are for vessel use only and general public dumping will be charged $5/bag

  6. All hazardous materials must be disposed of properly

  7. Dogs/pets must be on a leash while on Harbour property and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs/pets.

  8. Vessels must be seaworthy and must be able to run under their own power.

  9. Vessel bow, stern and spring lines must be in good condition.

  10. Vessels must have at least two fenders.

  11. Grid must be booked in advance at the office.

  12. Crane is to remain locked (see Harbour Manager to unlock crane).

  13. Floating homes are not permitted.

  14. Unless otherwise agreed to by Harbour Management no person shall liveaboard their recreational vessel for more than fourteen days of a 30 day period.

  15. Recreational vessel owners without a local address will be charged a transient rate.

  16. Ramp fees must be paid in advance.

  17. Goods are not to be stored on ramp area or floats.

  18. All vessels must be prepared to raft or be rafted to.

  19. No loading/unloading of passengers for paid charters without an up to date agreement in place and/or permission from Harbour Manager

  20. Power cords must be 12 gauge and plugs must be in good condition (20 amp and 30 amp available)

  21. Bathroom facilities will be only open at the discretion of Management.

  22. All vessel owners are responsible for their own vessel.

  23. Vessels moored in improper areas are subject to be towed at the owners expense.

  24. Docks must be kept clear. A $25/day fee plus removal cost can be charged to the vessel/operator leaving items on docks for over 48 hours.

  25. By mooring your vessel at the one of the Tofino Harbour Authority's Small Craft Harbour facilities you agree to follow all the rules and policies of the Tofino Harbour Authority.

  26. It is illegal to dump pollutants or sewage in a Small Craft Harbour.

  27. THA staff has the right to direct Harbour users as to where to moor their vessel and on the loading/unloading of their vessel.

  28. No business may operate out of the THA facilities without a current user agreement authorized by the THA management.




Failure to follow the rules and policies of the Tofino Harbour Authority may result in the revoking of your moorage privileges at the THA facilities.

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