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At the Tofino Harbour Authority, we run on a first-come first-served basis.

We do not take reservations or offer any space designations for moorage or parking for particular vessels or vehicles.


All vessels must be registered at the office upon arrival.


We do have assigned moorage areas where vessels within particular categories must tie. Please view our Rules and Policies page for the vessel designation map.

4th St. Services

  • Commercial & recreational moorage

  • Shore power (20 amp, 30 amp)

  • Washrooms and Showers(available only to Commercial fishermen due to Covid19)

  • Laundry

  • Wireless internet

  • 1200lb crane

  • Pay phone

  • Pump-out station

  • Fresh water

  • Fuel dock nearby

  • Grid

  • Commercial loading/offloading zones

Armitage Point (Crab Dock) Services

  • Commercial & recreational moorage

  • Shore power (20 amp, 30 amp)

  • Fresh water

  • 40 ft of designated 3 hour moorage space

Wingen Lane Services

  • Commercial & recreational moorage

*All prices plus 5% GST*

We accept cash, debit, visa, mastercard and e-transfers (sent to


RAMP              Single Use:    $14.29 ($15 incl. GST)

                      Annual Pass:  $150.00


MOORAGE       Transient Daily:   $1.05/ft/day

                      Transient Weekly:  $5.51/ft/week


                      Longterm Recreational Daily:       $0.37/ft/day

                      Longterm Recreational Monthly:  $5.51/ft/month

                      Longterm Recreational Annual:    $5.25/ft/month

                      Commercial Fishing Daily:             $0.15/ft/day

                      Commercial Fishing Monthly:        $2.21/ft/month

                      Commercial Fishing Annual:          $2.00/ft/month


                      Commercial Work Daily:                $0.26/ft/day

                      Commercial Work Monthly:           $3.94/ft/month

                      Commercial Work Annual:             $3.73/ft/month


PARKING         Daily: $9.52 ($10 incl. GST)

                      Truck & Trailer: $14.29 ($15 incl. GST) (only 4 designated spots)

                      Recreational Parking Pass: $350.00

                      Commercial Fishing Parking Pass: $100.00


GRID/CRANE    Single Use: $30.00

                      Day Use: $60.00

                      Annual Use: $600.00


HYDRO     Daily Use:       20A: $4.00   

                                     30A: $6.00

               Weekly Use:    20A: $28.00

                                     30A: $42.00

               Monthly Use:   20A: $72.00

                                     30A: $108.00


WIFI     Daily:      $3.00

            Weekly:   $10.00

            Monthly:  $25.00


WATER USE    $2.00/motor rinse


GARBAGE        $5.00 per bag for offshore residents

                     (Harbour generated garbage only - free for moorage-paying customers)

TIDAL GRID    $30.00 (must sign tidal grid agreement)


PUMP OUT      Free            




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