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Parking Policy

Parking Permit Fees:  

Recreational/Commercial Work:

  • Daily Vehicle Parking Pass: $9.52 ($10 incl. GST)

  • Daily Truck & Trailer Parking Pass: $14.29 ($15 incl. GST)

  • Annual Parking Pass: $350.00 + GST


Licensed Commercial Fishing:

  • Daily Vehicle Parking Pass: $9.52 ($10 incl. GST)

  • Daily Truck & Trailer Parking Pass: $14.29 ($15 incl. GST)

  • Annual Parking Pass: $100.00 + GST


2020 Parking Policy:

  • Pay parking is enforced year round.

  • Each vessel that is moored long-term in the harbour is entitled to only 1 annual parking pass.

  • Access to parking for long term pass holders and day-use pass holders is subject to availability in the parking lot. 

  • Vehicles parked outside of designated parking areas are subject to be towed.

  • Payment must be made in THA office or cash may be deposited in yellow box at head of ramp.

  • Payment, or sufficient notification (e-mail, phone message, or note dropped in door), must be made upon arrival including contact information, license plate number, make and model of vehicle.

  • The wharf head is for ACTIVE loading and unloading ONLY, any inactive vehicles parked on the wharf head, are subject to be towed.

  • There are truck and trailer spaces reserved for truck and trailer vehicles ONLY; Any single vehicles or trailers parked in the truck and trailer spaces are subject to be towed.

  • THA parking runs on a first-come first-served basis; Parking available only when space permits.

  • Trailer only parking is not offered or permitted.

  • Parking is not included with an annual or daily ramp pass.

  • Vehicles which do not visibly display a parking permit are subject to be towed.

  • Vehicles which display an active accessibility parking pass are granted free parking but must park in the designated accessibility parking space.

  • Any vehicles left unattended at any time which are blocking necessary access or posing safety concerns are subject to be towed.

  • Any vehicles not in compliance with such policies are subject to be towed at the discretion of THA management.

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